Picture This! will transfer your video to DVD for your viewing pleasure

We will transfer any format to DVD.

             ✔ VHS           ✔ VHS-C     ✔ 8mm

                     ✔ Mini-DV            ✔ Reels

Most people don’t have the equipment to view their old tapes. Here’s how we make it easy for you:

  1. Call us to schedule an appointment to pick up your tapes. 512-263-0546.
  2. Get them in order as best you can by date. Complete labels (with date) on each tape if possible.
  3. We bring them back to our office and preview the tapes for length of video and content (TV shows recorded instead of family video, for instance.).
  4. We figure out how they best combine onto a DVD. 2 hours of video fit onto 1 DVD.
  5. Then we call you with questions and a quote.