Family Photos Are Priceless.

The fact is, no amount of insurance will bring your family photos back to life.

The heartbreaking photo above is from a story featured in Life magazine showing the aftermath of a terrible flood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Residents came back to their homes to sort through the pieces and salvage family photos. If this had been a fire, it would have been only ashes to sort through. You spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance: health insurance, life insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. When a catastrophe happens, it’s always a huge relief to have the insurance check to get your life back in order.

But are you really insuring your most important possession – your family photographs and home videos? If a fire broke out or tornado destroyed your home and contents, would your insurance policy bring back those memories? No – it would not. They could be lost forever.

There is only one-way to be sure that your photographs and videos are safe for your family for generations to come. If they are printed, videotape or reside on your computer, they should be preserved on archival media, such as an archival DVD. Unlike standard DVDs which only last 2 – 5 years depending on how they are stored, archival DVDs last  up to 100 years.

Most of our customers request two copies when they have their photos scanned in, VHS tapes digitized, or photos backed up from their hard drive. One standard copy is for immediate use and a second archival copy is stored at an offsite location, such as a safe deposit box or perhaps at a relative’s house for safekeeping.

So that favorite picture of your son’s first Christmas or the family pictures taken at the last family reunion – preserve them forever. Take time now to call us at Picture This! at 512-263-0546. We can help you insure your treasured memories and photographs for a lifetime.