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  1. Organize by Date or Family Member? Sometimes customers want photos organized by year – other times by family member. Decided your strategy. If your images are in albums or are in slide projector trays, then they are usually organized in some fashion to begin with – usually by date and occasion. Other times, photos are labeled by the developing company with month and year. If there is absolutely no organization, call us for a 1-hour appointment so we can help you attack this project.
  2. You don’t want them all scanned? Almost always we can do this part for you. Most customers give us direction of:
    1. scan only good images (nothing blurry or dark)
    2. scan images that have people in them – skip landscapes unless it’s a family home
    3. If there are 20 photos of an event, only scan the best 50%. Our customers are satisfied with this process. It saves them hours and they get the photos they truly want with a good idea of how much it will cost.
  3. You have more than one family’s collections? When we come to pick up your images, we’ll map out your family tree. We can separate your mother’s family images from your father’s side. We’ll custom label these so that your children will understand who belongs to which family. Some families want to insert a text document or file into the folders for each family so that all the family information stays with the family images.
  4. Special Requests? Test us! We’ve yet to be stumped on how to approach the archival process.