Photo Sharing

Introducing people to the wonderful world of family hstory

Picture This! is a member of I-Ask, International StoryTellers of America.

We can help you archive your family memories – including photos, slides, videos, and documents.


Call for an appointment to start – 512-263-0546. We will scan 5 of your heirloom photos and record your audio to go with these photos to tell your family’s story. We will help you sign up  for your free account and upload these 5 talking photos onto your site, as well as provide you with a backup DVD for $100. This is a great gift for Mom and Dad, even if they are technically challenged.

Check out our recommended Family Photo Sharing website Legacy Stories that allows you to:

  • upload your family photo collection photo

  • tell your family story to share with family and friends

  • narrate an audio story to produce your “talking photos”

  • search the vast Family Search archive for your family history.

Call Us or Email us to Find out More –  512-263-0546 or