Picture This! is Dedicated to Preserving the History of Families

by Kim on May 8, 2013

photo-scanning-austin“I didn’t know Kim personally at the time, but I was drawn to Picture This! because Kim Nixon, the owner,  had served on our local school board and I knew her to be ethical and conscientious.  I had well over a thousand slides, pictures, certificates and documents from my maternal family, and being the remaining family member, I was the only one left to organize, label and tell the stories related to all of these items.  Kim told me exactly how to get started and was so helpful in determining how to categorize everything into various family folders.    Picture This!  was able to work from old, old negatives, slides, pictures – everything!  I had several large certificates that Picture This!  scanned and now I have only to click on them, zoom in, and read absolutely everything from start to finish… they even scanned an 100+ year-old Bill of Sales from my grandparent’s farm.

Archiving these items will be a treasure for my children and grandchildren.  As I entered a museum in Louisiana, there was an eternal flame burning and the words surrounding it were:  “A people without a history, are a people without a future.”  I am thankful that Picture This! is so dedicated to preserving the history of families.  My favorite scanned image is a photo that my father took at my grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin…take a look for yourself at the beautiful image that my father captured and Picture This! archived for me and my family.”  ~Beverly, Austin, TX.

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