Picture This! Organized this Mountain of Memories

by Kim on December 7, 2012

“I had five plastic storage bins full of over three generations of family photographs and memories.  The formats of the collection of photos and documents included 35 mm slides, old black and white prints, color prints, CD discs of photos, old negative strips of photos, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, etc.  I had the choice between continuing to tell myself (as I had for several years) that I would someday tackle the task of organizing this mountain of memories – – knowing that I would likely never have the time to do it justice – – or asking for professional help.  (My real fear was that if I tried to tackle the task on my own, I would need professional help of a different kind.)  I called Picture This!  I asked them to review the mass of memories and organize it in a way that would make it possible for me to share the photographs and memories with my family.  I wanted the end product to provide my family an organized and usable photographic history of the family and related memories.   The collection was scanned to my specifications and produced into digital images on DVD’s that were sorted, restored, and organized with great attention to detail. We are genuinely impressed with Picture This!  It is clear that they treated our treasured collection of historical family information with great care, and took a genuine interest in providing the best result possible.  Based upon my experience, I can recommend Picture This! highly.” ~B. Raman, Austin, TX

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