Hero Worship for Picture This!

by Kim on November 10, 2011

Finding Kim Nixon and Picture This! was one of the very best results I’ve ever had from an internet search. Her website information was so encouraging, I called immediately after finding and studying it.  When she picked up my first 350 photos, I was on my way to hero worship.  She returned in no time with a DVD of digital beautiful images, which added to my delight.

And relief!  I have inherited countless photos, souvenirs, and pieces of ephemera from both maternal and paternal grandparents, not to mention same countless items from my parents.  I have dresser drawers and cedar chests full of precious items which I, my sister, and my 6 cousins could not bear to see them lost.

The quality of the digital images is outstanding to outstandingly better than the originals which were scanned – even those taken from glass plate negatives and from peculiarly reflective photos where shiny metallic silver deposits had come to the surface.

Kim and her crew truly enjoy their work.  Not just the mechanics, mind you, but the photos and family histories they have been allowed to share.  This makes working with Kim and Picture This! a delight in itself.  Kim has helped me see that I can do much more with my families’ memories than just keep all our “stuff” unorganized, deteriorating, and in dusty, musty drawers and chests. As you can tell, I highly recommend Picture This! ~Judith Edmiston, Austin, TX

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