Best Gift Ever

by Kim on October 5, 2010

“It was always on my mind that my mother was getting frail. As I prepared for our summer trip to go visit her, I started thinking about how best to spend my time with her. My husband was taking the girls to the city for a few days, so I would have some time with Mom alone. It hit me that if I didn’t talk to her about this, I wouldn’t know who was in those old family photos. We spent the whole weekend going over the old family photos. I heard stories about my mother’s siblings that I have never heard before. I left with the photos – and the stories – and brought the photos back to Austin with me. I called Picture This! and they helped me archive these photos and make copies for all family members. It was a triple treat: Time with Mom, insurance that these photos will last forever, and the best Christmas gift ever for my siblings.”

Austin, Texas

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